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Pop Art African American Artist Lithograph Russell T. Gordon Signed Hot Dog

Pop Art African American Artist Lithograph Russell T. Gordon Signed Hot Dog
Pop Art African American Artist Lithograph Russell T. Gordon Signed Hot Dog
Pop Art African American Artist Lithograph Russell T. Gordon Signed Hot Dog
Pop Art African American Artist Lithograph Russell T. Gordon Signed Hot Dog

Pop Art African American Artist Lithograph Russell T. Gordon Signed Hot Dog
GORDON SIGNED POP ART LITHOGRAPH 41/50 MEASURING APPROXIMATELY 17 X 19 1/2 INCHES AND IMAGES APPROXIMATELY 12 X 15 1/4 INCHES. Gordon (3 July 1936 - November 2013) was an American painter and printmaker.

He moved to Montreal in 1973 where he was a visiting professor then faculty member at Concordia University until he retired in 1998. Philadelphia, PA, 1936; active Montreal, Canada, 2010. Regard, Image, Masques [RUSSELL GORDON]. In: Vie des Arts 30, no.

The Pictorial Existentialism of RUSSELL GORDON. In: Vie des Arts 27, no. 107 (Summer 1982):36-39; illustrated. Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Park. Oblong 4to 22 x 27 cm. 8 x 10.5 in. RUSSELL GORDON: Works on Paper and Canvas. RUSSELL GORDON: Works on Paper.

Stewart Hall Gallery and McClure Gallery, Concordia University. GORDON: Over Easy - Métaphores en séries. Text by curator Maurice Forget; interview with artist. Dual venue exhibition including pop paintings of the 70s and recent abstractions. Gordon has been living and working in Montreal for over three decades.

4to 11 x 9 in. Text in English and French.

Utah Museum of Fine Arts, University of Utah. Memorial Union Gallery, Arizona State University. GENERAL BOOKS AND GROUP EXHIBITIONS. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1985. In substantial appendix of Bay Area artists.

Includes: Cleveland Bellow, John Britton, Arthur Carraway, Robert Colescott, Dewey Crumpler, Doyle Foreman, Joseph Geran, Russell T. Gordon, Robert Henry, Oliver Jackson, Ted Joans, Marie Johnson-Calloway, Sargent Johnson, Phillip Lindsay Mason, Aaron Miller, Arthur Monroe, Mary Lovelace O'Neal, Joe Overstreet, Henry Rollins, Raymond Saunders, Horace Washington, and many others. Black Dimensions in Contemporary American Art. New York: NAL Plume, 1971. Includes fifty (thirteen women) contemporary artists with brief informative notes on each.

A broad range of style and subject matter. Includes: Benny Andrews, Calvin Bailey, John T. Biggers, Arthur Britt, Calvin Burnett, Margaret Burroughs, Arthur Carraway, Bernie Casey, Don Concholar, Mary Reed Daniel, Alonzo Davis, Juette Day, Aaron Douglas, David Driskell, Eugenia Dunn, Marion Epting, Russell T. Gordon, David Hammons, Phillip Hampton, Marvin Harden, Wilbur Haynie, Richard Hunt, Barbara J. Jones (Hogu), Lois Mailou Jones, Eddie Jack Jordan, Sr. Lemuel Joyner, Henri Linton, Jimmy Mosley, Ademola Olugebefola, John Outterbridge, William Pajaud, James D. Parks, Delilah Pierce, John Riddle, Gregory Ridley, Lucille D. (Malkia) Roberts, Arthur Rose, Nancy Rowland, Marion Sampler, Jewel Simon, Ray Saunders, Leo Twiggs, Alma Thomas, Vincent D. Vaughn, James Watkins, Charles White, Garrett Whyte, John W.

8vo 8 x 5.4 in. American Black Art: Black Belt to Hill Country: the Known and the New.

Includes: Benny Andrews, Steve Ashby, Richmond Barthé, Romare Bearden, Bruce Brice, Bernie Casey, Nathaniel Choate, Paul Collins, John E. Duncanson, Reginald Gammon, Sam Gilliam, Russell T.

Gordon, Ray Hamilton, David Hammons, Rufus Hinton, Jenelsie Holloway, Richard Hunt, Clementine Hunter, Lester L. Johnson, Jacob Lawrence, Hughie Lee-Smith, Al Loving, Charles McGee, Allie McGhee, Richard Mayhew, Robert Merriweather, Keith Morrison, Archibald Motley, Jr. Robert Murray, Inez Nathaniel, Leslie Payne, Elijah Pierce, Robert Reid (as Reed), Mahler Ryder, Betye Saar, William Edouard Scott, Charles Sebree, Henry O. Thompson, Charles White, Walter J. Williams, Hale Woodruff, Joseph Yoakum.

Small oblong 8vo, stapled black paper covers lettered in white. Who's Who in American Art 16. Curators who are not also artists are included in this bibliographic entry but are not otherwise listed in the database: We are NOT going to go through all of these volumes over the decades; this one is catalogued simply to record the degree to which living African American artists had entered the conciousness of the mainstream American art world as of 1984. Should be consulted along with Falk's Who Was Who in American Art (1985) to complete the "awareness list" as of the mid-1980s. 160 artists are included here along with 1000 pages of far more obscure white artists: p. 21, Benny Andrews, 33, Ellsworth Ausby, 50, Richmond Barthé; 57, Romare Bearden, 76, John Biggers, 83, Betty Blayton, 98, Frank Bowling, 108, Arthur Britt, 112, Wendell Brooks, 116, Marvin Brown, 117-18, Vivian Browne, 121, Linda Goode Bryant, 128, Calvin Burnett, 129, Margaret Burroughs, 132, Carole Byard, 133, Walter Cade, 148, Yvonne Pickering Carter, 168, Claude Clark, 178-79, Floyd Coleman, 179, Robert Colescott, 181, Paul Collins, 184, James Conlon, 188-89, Arthur Coppedge; 191, Eldzier Cortor, Averille Costley-Jacobs, 198, Allan Crite; 210, D'Ashnash-Tosi [Barbara Chase-Riboud], 213-14, Alonzo Davis, 219-20, Roy DeCarava, 222, Avel DeKnight, 226, Richard Dempsey, 228, Murry DePillars, 237, Raymond Dobard, 239, Jeff Donaldson, 243, John Dowell, 246, David Driskell, 256, Allan Edmunds, 256-57, James Edwards, 260, David Elder, 265, Whitney John Engeran, 267, Marion Epting, 270, Burford Evans, 271, Minnie Evans, 271-72, Frederick Eversley, 277, Elton Fax, 304, Charlotte Franklin, 315, Edmund Barry Gaither (curator), 317, Reginald Gammon, 325, Herbert Gentry, 326, Joseph Geran, 328, Henri Ghent (curator), 332, Sam Gilliam, 346, Russell Gordon, 354, Rex Goreleigh, 361, Eugene Grigsby, 375, Robert Hall, 380, Leslie King-Hammond (curator), 381, Grace Hampton, 385, Marvin Harden, 406, Barkley Hendricks, 418, Leon Hicks, 414, Freida High-Wasikhongo, 424-25, Al Hollingsworth, 428, Earl Hooks, 433, Humbert Howard, 439, Richard Hunt, 450, A.

Jackson, Oliver Jackson; 451, Suzanne Jackson, 454, Catti James, Frederick James, 464, Lester L. Johnson; 467, Ben Jones, 467-68, Calvin Jones, 469, James Edward Jones, Lois Jones, 471, Theodore Jones, 489, Paul Keene; 492, James Kennedy, 495-96, Virginia Kiah, 535, Raymond Lark, 540-41, Jacob Lawrence, 546, Hughie Lee-Smith, 557, Samella Lewis, 586, Cheryl Ilene McClenney arts admin.

, 595, Anderson Macklin, 620, Philip Lindsay Mason, 625, Richard Mayhew, 597, Oscar McNary, 598, Kynaston McShine (curator), 610, 637, Marianne Miles a. Marianne; 638, Earl Miller, 640-41, Lev Mills, 649, Evangeline Montgomery; 653, Norma Morgan, 655, Keith Morrison, 657, Dewey Mosby (curator), 671, Otto Neals, 693, Ademola Olugebefola, 700, Hayward Oubré, John Outterbridge, Wallace Owens, 702, William Pajaud, 706, James Parks, 710, Curtis Patterson, 711, Sharon Patton (curator), 711-12, John Payne, 720, Regenia Perry (curator), 724, Bertrand Phillips; 727, Delilah Pierce, 728, Vergniaud Pierre-Noël, 729, Stanley Pinckney, Howardena Pindell, 744, Leslie Price, Arnold Prince, 747, Mavis Pusey, 752, Bob Ragland, 759, Roscoe Reddix, 763, Robert Reid, 768, John Rhoden, 772, John Riddle, Gregory Ridley, 774, Faith Ringgold, 778, Lucille Roberts, 803, Mahler Ryder, 804, Betye Saar, 815, Raymond Saunders, 834, John Scott, 841, James Sepyo, 857, Thomas Sills, 859, Jewel Simon, 861, Merton Simpson, Lowery Sims (curator); 865, Van Slater, 869, Dolph Smith, 873, Vincent Smith, 886, Francis Sprout, 890-91, Shirley Stark, 898, Nelson Stevens, 920, Luther Stovall, 909, Robert Stull, 920, Ann Tanksley, James Tanner, 924, Rod Taylor, 922, William Bradley Taylor [Bill Taylor], 929, Elaine Thomas, 946, Curtis Tucker, 949, Leo Twiggs, 970, Larry Walker, 977, James Washington, 979, Howard Watson, 994, Amos White, 995, Franklin White, 996 Tim Whiten, 1001-2, Chester Williams, 1003, Randolph Williams, Todd Williams, Walter Williams, William T. Williams, 1005, Edward Wilson, George Wilson, 1005-6, John Wilson, 1007, Frank Wimberley, 1016, Rip Woods, 1017, Shirley Woodson, 1019, Bernard Wright, 1025, Charles Young, 1026, Kenneth Young, Milton Young. Illinois Arts Council and Illinois Bell Telephone Lobby Gallery. Black American Artists / 71.

Catalogue of an important traveling exhibition circulated by the Illinois Arts Council and Illinois Bell; checklist of 136 works by 59 artists, 28 b&w illus. Address list for many of the artists. And curated by Robert H. Glauber; statements by some of the artists on the topic of being a Black artist in 1971. Ralph Arnold, Sam Gilliam, Russell T. Taylor President of the Harlem Cultural Council. Artists included in the exhibition: Benny Andrews, Ralph Arnold, Romare Bearden, Cleveland Bellow, Betty Blayton, Lynn Bowers, Vivian Browne, Robert Carter, Bernie Casey, LeRoy Clarke, Floyd Coleman, Dan Concholar, Dale Davis, Avel DeKnight, Richard Dempsey, David Driskell, Michael Esteves, Babatunde Folayemi, Sam Gilliam, Russell T. Gordon, David Hammons, Ben Hazard, Bill Howell, Raymond Howell, Manuel Hughes, Richard Hunt, Tonnie Jones, James DeWitt King, Jr. Jacob Lawrence, Leon Lank Leonard, Sr. Richard Mayhew, Geraldine McCullough, Charles McGee, Allie McGhee, Algernon Miller, Arthur Monroe, Keith Morrison, Ademola Olugebefola, Joe Overstreet, William Pajaud, Stephanie Pogue, Leslie Price, Noah Purifoy, Robert Reid, John T.

Riddle, Gregory Ridley, Faith Ringgold, Joseph B. Scott, Vincent Smith, Alma Thomas, Timothy Washington, Charles White, Stanley Whitney, Walter J. Williams, Rip Woods, Kenneth Young, Milton Young.

Traveled to: Chicago, Illinois State Museum, Springfield (IL), Sloan Galleries, Valparaiso (IL), Peoria Art Guild, Peoria (IL), Burpee Gallery, Rockford (IL), Quincy (IL), Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, Kalamazoo [MI], University of Iowa Art Museum, Iowa City (IA), November 2, 1971-January 2, 1972, and perhaps other venues. "Unknown black artists get chance to show their work, " Jet (February 4, 1971):48-49, 4 b&w photos of artists and work. Individuated covers printed for at least two locations. Museum of Science and Industry. 1985 Black Creativity Art Exhibition. Group exhibition of 67 artists juried from entries by over 180 international artists. Included: Muneer Bahauddeen (First prize, sculpture), David Buttram, Norman Bush (First prize, photography), Carol Ann Carter, William Dawson, Booker Evans, Russell T.

Gordon, Al Harris, Margo Humphrey, Jim Hunter, John Rozelle (First prize, painting), Ethel Sanderson, Thom Shaw (First prize graphics), Renée Stout, et al. Brief mention of prizewinners: Alan G. Artner, "10 `Creativity` Awards Go To Black Artists, " Chicago Tribune, February 7, 1985.

1986 Black Creativity, Generations in Transition: 80 Years of Black American Expression. Included: David Buttram, Russel T. (Best of Show), Martin Puryear, John Rozelle, Raymond Saunders, et al. San Francisco Bay Area Printmakers.

Young Artists from Around the World 2. Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora: Origins, Experiences and Culture. Marked by a more than usual editorail indifference to the visual arts, entries of erratic quality and less than desirable levels of research or scholarship. Deborah Willis is alotted a bare handful of pages to cover the entirety of African American photography.

The essay on African Diaspora Art was allotted 17 pages to cover a period of 35,000 years and makes a courageous attempt to do so. It is not supported by any entries on individual artists, and many of the artists mentioned are not in the index.

The entry is also plagued with inexcusable misspellings of numerous artists' names. The essay on Diaspora photography is also beset by the requirement of inappropriate brevity; the author desperately spends most of the allotted space listing the names of a fairly subjective selection of photographers, some with birth dates, others not. Clyde Taylor packs his 2 1/2 page space allotment to cover Diaspora Film with as many names as possible and, understandably, still can find no room for the Black Audio Film Collective or other such experimental filmmakers, Other essays are depressingly vacuous - the essay on the Black Arts Movement, allotted 2 pages, spends only 31 lines on vague remarks about the movement which the reader is led to think is attributable to events that took place in the Nile Valley thousands of years before. What can you say about a book that devotes more space to rap and hip-hop than to Barbados. Not a book worth consulting? 4to 10.3 x 7.3 in. Group invitational exhibition of drawings by ten artists. Included: Michael Bramwell, Victor Davson, Russell Gordon, Carl Hazlewood, Barbara Nesin.

AIMS Instructional Media Services, Inc. Black Dimensions in American Art (Film). Los Angeles: Carnation Company, 1971.

Documentary film produced in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name. Nearly 50 artists included: John T. Biggers, Lois Mailou Jones, Ademola Olugebefola, Arthur Carraway, Dan Concholar, Delilah Pierce, Royce H.

James Watkins, Charles White, Aaron Douglas, John Outterbridge, Arthur Rose, David Hammons, Charles Alexander Young, Jimmie Mosely, Jack Jordan, Mary Reed Daniel, James Parks, Calvin Bailey, Calvin Burnett, Garrett Whyte, Henri Linton, Vincent D. Smith, John Riddle, William Pajaud, Barbara Jones [Jones-Hogu], Arthur Britt, Nancy Rowland, Jewell Simon, Juette Johnson Day, Lemuel M. Joyner, Richard Hunt, Eugenia Dunn, Alonzo Davis, Marion Epting, Marion Sampler, Wilbur Haynie [as Haney], Bernie Casey, Leo Twiggs, Phillip Hampton, John Wilson, Alma Thomas, Russell Gordon, David Driskell, Lucille Roberts [Malkia Roberts]. The ART Gallery Magazine: Afro-American issue Vol. Aden, Charles Alston, Emma Amos, Eric Anderson, Benny Andrews, William E. Bannister, Richmond Barthé, Romare Bearden, Sheman Beck, Ed Bereal, John T. Biggers, Betty Blayton, Sylvester Britton, Calvin Burnett, Margaret Burroughs, William S.

Carter, Bernie Casey, Elizabeth Catlett, Barbara Chase-Riboud, Edward Christmas, Claude Clark, Eldzier Cortor, Ernest Crichlow, Allan Rohan Crite, Emilio Cruz, Mary Reed Daniel, Charles C. Dawson, Beauford Delaney, Joseph Delaney, Avel DeKnight, Richard Dempsey, Jeff Donaldson, Aaron Douglas, David C. Duncanson, Eugene Eda, William Edmondson, Melvin Edwards, John Farrar, Frederick C.

Flemister, Meta Warrick Fuller, Reginald Gammon, Sam Gilliam, Robert Glover, Russell T. Gordon, Bernard Goss, Phillip Hampton, Marvin Harden, Romaine Harris, Eugene Hawkins, Palmer Hayden, Wilbur Haynie, Reginald Helm, James Herring, Leon Hicks, Vivian Hieber? , Felrath Hines, Alvin Hollingsworth, Humbert Howard, Richard Hunt, A. Jackson, Daniel LaRue Johnson, Joshua Johnson, Malvin Gray Johnson, Sargent Johnson, William H.

Johnson, Frederic Jones presumably Frederick D. , Lois Mailou Jones, Robert Edmond Jones, Jack Jordan, Sr. Louis Joseph Jordan, Ronald Joseph (as Joseph Ronald), Paul Keene, Joseph Kersey, Herman King, Sidney Kumalo, Jacob Lawrence, Clarence Lawson, Clifford Lee, Hughie Lee-Smith, James Edward Lewis, Jr. Edmonia Lewis, Norman Lewis, Tom Lloyd, Alvin Loving, William Majors, Howard Mallory, Jr.

David Mann, Richard Mayhew, Anna McCullough, Geraldine McCullough, Charles W. Earl Miller, Norma Morgan, Jimmie Mosely, Archibald J.

Parks, Marion Perkins, Robert S. Pious, Horace Pippin, James A.

Porter, Judson Powell, Ramon Price, Nancy Elizabeth Prophet, Noah Purifoy, Mavis Pusey, Robert D. Rhoden, Haywood "Bill" Rivers, Henry C.

Rollins, Mahler Ryder, Betye Saar, Raymond Saunders, William E. Scott, Charles Sebree, Jewel Simon, Merton D.

Simpson, Van Slater, Carroll Sockwell, John Stevens, Henry Ossawa Tanner, Ralph M. Tate, Lawrence Taylor, John Torres, Jr. Waddy, William Walker, Eugene Warburg, Howard N. Watson, James Lesesne Wells, Charles White, Jack H.

White, Jack Whitten, Garrett Whyte, Sam William, Douglas R. Williams, Jose Williams, Todd Williams, Walter H. Williams, Stan Williamson, Ed Wilson, Ellis Wilson, John W. Wilson, Roger Wilson, Hale A.

Woods, Roosevelt (Rip) Woods, Charles Yates, Hartwell Yeargans, et al. African American Art & Artists. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1990. Many in color, substantial bibliog. A history of African American art from the seventeenth-century to the'90s.

Revised and updated from Lewis's original publication Art: African American (1978). [See also entry on expanded edition, 2003].

Artists include: the slaves of Thomas Fleet, Boston. Scipio Moorhead, Neptune Thurston, G. Hobbs (white artist), Joshua Johnston, Julien Hudson, Robert M. Patrick Henry Reason, David Bustill Bowser, William Simpson, Robert S. Duncanson, Eugene Warburg, Edward Mitchell Bannister, Grafton Tyler Brown, Nelson A.

Primus, Charles Ethan Porter, (Mary) Edmonia Lewis, Henry Ossawa Tanner, Meta Vaux Warrick (Fuller), William Edouard Scott, Laura Wheeler Waring, Aaron Douglas, Hale Woodruff, Palmer Hayden, Archibald Motley, Jr. Malvin Gray Johnson, Ellis Wilson, Sargent Claude Johnson, Augusta Savage, Richmond Barthé, William H. Johnson, James Lesesne Wells, Beauford Delaney, Selma Burke, Lois Mailou Jones, Alma Thomas, James A. Artis, William Edmondson, Horace Pippin, Clementine Hunter, David Butler, Charles Alston, Norman Lewis, Romare Bearden, Hughie Lee-Smith, Eldzier Cortor, Jacob Lawrence, Charles White, Elizabeth Catlett, John Wilson, John Biggers, Ademola Olugebefola, Herman Kofi Bailey, Raymond Saunders, Lucille Malkia Roberts, David Driskell, Floyd Coleman, Paul Keene, Arthur Carraway, Mikelle Fletcher, Varnette Honeywood, Phoebe Beasley, Benny Andrews, Reginald Gammon, Faith Ringgold, Cliff Joseph, David Bradford, Bertrand Phillips, Manuel Hughes, Phillip Lindsay Mason, Dana Chandler, Malaika Favorite, Bob Thompson, Emilio Cruz, Leslie Price, Irene Clark, Al Hollingsworth, William Pajaud, Richard Mayhew, Bernie Casey, Floyd Newsum, Frank Williams, Louis Delsarte, William Henderson, Daniel LaRue Johnson, Joe Overstreet, Adrienne W. Hoard, Sam Gilliam, Mahler Ryder, Oliver Jackson, Eugene Coles, Vincent Smith, Calvin Jones, Pheoris West, Noah Purifoy, Ed Bereal, Betye Saar, Ron Griffin, John Outterbridge, Marie Johnson, Ibibio Fundi, John Stevens, Juan Logan, John Riddle, Richard Hunt, Mel Edwards, Allie Anderson, Ed Love, Plla Mills, Doyle Foreman, Barbara Chase-Riboud, Artis Lane, John Scott, William Anderson, Martin Puryear, Thomas Miller, Fred Eversley, Larry Urbina, Ben Hazard, Sargent Johnson, Doyle Lane, Willis (Bing) Davis, Curtis Tucker, Yvonne Tucker, Bill Maxwell, Camille Billops, James Tatum, Douglas Phillips, Art Smith, Bob Jefferson, Evangeline Montgomery, Manuel Gomez, Joanna Lee, Allen Fannin, Leo Twiggs, James Tanner, Therman Statom, Marion Sampler, Arthur Monroe, James Lawrence, Marvin Harden, Raymond Lark, Murray DePillars, Donald Coles, Joseph Geran, Ron Adams, Kenneth Falana, Ruth Waddy, Van Slater, Joyce Wellman, William E.

Smith, Leon Hicks, Marion Epting, Russell Gordon, Stephanie Pogue, Devoice Berry, Margo Humphrey, Howard Smith, Jeff Donaldson, Lev Mills, Carol Ward, David Hammons, Michael Kelly Williams, Laurie Ourlicht, Gary Bibbs, Houston Conwill, Mildred Howard, Martha Jackson-Jarvis, Alison Saar, Lorenzo Pace. Excellent survey of African American art as of the mid-70s, with a discriminating selection of plates. Unfortunately very poor quality reproductions. All 169 artists are cross-referenced, although not separately listed here.

Black Art: an international quarterly Vol. 17 color plates, numerous b&w illus. (by Yvonne Parks Catchings); Profile of Carmen McRae (by Jeanne King). Artwork by: Phillip Mason, Mildred Thompson, Sam Middleton, Robert Blackburn, Albert A.

Smith, Charles White, John Wilson, Walter Williams, Dox Thrash, Samella Lewis, Elizabeth Catlett, Lev Mills, Leon Hicks, David Hammons, Dan Concholar, Barbara Jones-Hogu, Frank Smith, Ademola Olugebefola, Russell T. Gordon, Margo Humphrey, Phyllis Thompson, Ruth Waddy, Stanley Wilson, Jacob Lawrence, Reginald Gammon, Herman Bailey, Cleveland Bellow; photographs by Guille Roland of jazz singer Carmen McRae, and documentary photography.

American Color: A Late 20th Century Perspective. Included: Dewey Crumpler, Sam Gilliam, Russell T. Gordon, David Hammons, Marvin Harden, Mildred Howard, Oliver Jackson, Jacob Lawrence, John Outterbridge, Adrian Piper, Martin Puryear, Alison Saar, Betye Saar, Lezley Saar, Raymond Saunders, John Scott, Lorna Simpson, Renée Stout. Also exhibited at Porter Troupe Gallery, San Diego, perhaps with slightly different roster of artists. The Artist and the Myth.

Highlights: Selections from the Bank of America Corporation Art Collection. October 7, 1979-January 6, 1980. Includes: Emma Amos, Casper Banjo, Cleveland Bellow, Bob Blackburn, Elmer Brown, Grafton Tyler Brown, Sam Brown, Calvin Burnett, Margaret Burroughs, Carole Byard, Elizabeth Catlett, Claude Clark, Sr. Dan Concholar, Alonzo Davis, John Dowell, Allan Edmunds, Marion Epting, Kenneth Falana, Russell Gordon, Raymond Grist, David Hammons, Leon Hicks, Raymond Holbert, Jacqui Holmes, Margo Humphrey, Wilmer Jennings, Sargent Johnson, William H.

Johnson, Barbara Jones-Hogu, Winston Kennedy, Hughie Lee-Smith, Samella Lewis, Jules Lion, Percy Martin, Valerie Maynard, Lev Mills, Jay Moon, Scipio Moorhead, Norma Morgan, Nefertiti, Ademola Olugebefola, Patrick Reason, Joe Ross presumably Joseph B. , Betye Saar, Charles Sallee, A. Smith, Frank Smith, George Smith, William Smith, Raymond Steth, Lou Stovall, Sharon Sutton, Henry Ossawa Tanner, Mildred Thompson; Phyllis Thompson, Dox Thrash, Ruth Waddy, Bobby Walls, James Lesesne Wells, Charles White, Walter H. Williams, John Wilson, Hale Woodruff, Stephanie Pogue, Calvin Reid. Traveled to: Gallery of Art, Howard University, Washington, DC, February 10-March 28, 1980. Whitney Museum of American Art. Contemporary Black Artists in America. Catalogue of 84 works by 58 artists. 6 in color, excellent bibliog.

Includes: Ralph Arnold, Edward A. Ausby, Roland Ayers, Frank Bowling, James Brantley, Marvin Brown, Walter Cade III, Catti, John E.

Chandler, Barbara Chase-Riboud, Walter Davis, Avel DeKinight, Murry N. DePillars, David Driskell, Frederick J. Eversley, Ernest Frazier, Russell T. Henderson, Barkley Hendricks, Alvin Hollingsworth, Manuel Hughes, Nathaniel Hunter, Jr. Nathaniel Knight, Jacob Lawrence, James Lee, Hughie Lee-Smith, Tom Lloyd, Alvin Loving, Phillip L. McNeill, Algernon Miller, Norma Morgan, Howardena Pindell, Stephanie Pogue, Noah Purifoy, Mavis Pusey, Robert Reid, John Rhoden, Henry Rollins, Joseph B.

Ryder, Betye Saar, Raymond Saunders, Charles Searles, Frank Sharpe, Thomas Sills, Vincent Smith, Evelyn P. Terry, Alma Thomas, John Torres, Charles White, Franklin A.

Reginald Wickham, Todd Williams, Hartwell Yeargans, Elyn Zimmerman. Highly controversial exhibition from which 16 artists withdrew, including Romare Bearden, John Dowell, Melvin Edwards, Sam Gilliam, Richard Hunt, Daniel Johnson, Joe Overstreet, and William T.

Reviews included: John Canaday, "Black Artists on View in Two Exhibitions, " NYT, April 7, 1971:52; Lawrence Alloway, "Art, " The Nation 212, May 10, 1971:604-5; Grace Glueck, "Black Show Under Fire at the Whitney, " NYT, January 31, 1971, D25; and Glueck's follow-up article: "15 of 75 Artists Leave as Whitney Exhibition Opens, " NYT, April 6, 1971:50. Selections from the American Print Collection. The Controlled Gesture: As Aspect of Bay Area Expression.

James Guide to Black Artists. A highly selective reference work listing only approximately 400 artists of African descent worldwide including around 300 African American artists, approximately 20% women artists.

Of work or photos of many artists, brief descriptive texts by well-known scholars, with selected list of exhibitions for each, plus many artists' statements. A noticeable absence of many artists under 45, most photographers, and many women artists. Far fewer artists listed here than in Igoe, Cederholm, or other sources. The Artist in the Garden.

Crocker Art Gallery and Los Angeles, Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery. West Coast 74: The Black Image. Byrd, Robert Colescott, Dan Concholar, Marva Cremer, Charles Dickson, Joseph Geran, Russell T. Gordon, David Hammons, William Henderson, Margo Humphrey, Oliver Jackson, Suzanne Jackson, Mafie Johnson, Mary Lovelace O'Neal, Joe Overstreet, Noah Purifoy, John T.

Riddle, Betye Saar, Raymond Saunders, Larry Walker, Carole Ward, Horace Washington, LaMonte Westmoreland, Charles White, Milton Young. Traveled to: Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles, January 22-February 16, 1975. , white stiff card covers, lettered in blind and in black. Printmaking Department, University of Utah. Livre d'artiste with poetry by Clarice Short, Brewster Ghiselin, Edward Lueders, and prints by artists Donald R.

Petersen, Lee Gray, Don L. Harward, Mary Clark Carlson, Jane Miller, B.

Rumel, Ada Irvine, and Michael J. Russell and the students in the Printmaking Department of the University of Utah. Contains 15 zinc and copper etchings and one stone lithograph, all signed. Printed on handmade papers, Rives BFK and English Etching.

Hastings Gallery, San Francisco University. Selected Works by Five Twentieth Century American Artists. San Francisco Museum of Art. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). A Third World Painting/Sculpture Exhibition.

Brochure, 30 additional leaves of b&w illus. Group exhibition of work by 60 artists. Robert Colescott, Doyle Foreman, Joseph Geran, Jr.

Russell Gordon, Mike Henderson, Robert Henry, Ray Holbert, Marie Johnson, Howard McCalebb, Alex McMath, Arthur Monroe, Joe Overstreet, Raymond Saunders, and Horace Washington. Photographs of art in denim sleeve, in plastic pocket. Art of Engagement: Visual Politics in California And Beyond. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2006.

An overview of the key role of California's art and artists in politics and culture since 1945. Includes many types of media: photographs, found objects, drawings and prints, murals, painting, sculpture, ceramics, installations, performance art, and collage. Nearly 100 pages are devoted to a chapter on racism, discrimination, and identity politics, yet only 11 African American artists are included with illustration of their work: Robert Colescott, David Hammons, Mildred Howard, Noah Purifoy, Faith Ringgold, Alison Saar, Betye Saar, Raymond Saunders, William (Bill) Walker, Carrie Mae Weems, Charles White. Brief mention (name only) of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Roy DeCarava, Aaron Douglas, George Herriman, Sargent Johnson, Jacob Lawrence, Anthony Lee, John Outterbridge, John Riddle, James Vanderzee. Issued in conjunction with the exhibition "Visual Politics: The Art of Engagement, " San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA, November 20, 2005-March 5, 2006; The American University Museum at the Katzen Art Center, Washington, DC, April i19-July 30, 2006.

4to 10.5 x 8.9 in. In Black and White: Afro-Americans in Print. Kalamazoo: Kalamazoo Public Library, 1980. Adams, Ron Adams, Alonzo Aden, Muhammad Ali, Baba Alabi Alinya, Charles Alston, Charlotte Amevor, Benny Andrews, Ralph Arnold, William Artis, Ellsworth Ausby, Jacqueline Ayer, Calvin Bailey, Jene Ballentine, Casper Banjo, Henry Bannarn, Edward Bannister, Dutreuil Barjon, Ernie Barnes, Carolyn Plaskett Barrow, Richmond Barthé, Beatrice Bassette, Ad Bates, Romare Bearden, Phoebe Beasley, Roberta Bell, Cleveland Bellow, Ed Bereal, Arthur Berry, DeVoice Berry, Cynthia Bethune, Charles Bible, John Biggers, Camille Billops, Bob Blackburn, Irving Blaney, Bessie Blount, Gloria Bohanon, Leslie Bolling, Shirley Bolton, Charles Bonner, Michael Borders, John Borican, Earl Bostic, Augustus Bowen, David Bowser, David Bradford, Edward Brandford, Brumsic Brandon, William Braxton, Arthur Britt Sr.

Benjamin Britt, Sylvester Britton, Elmer Brown, Fred Brown, Kay Brown, Margery Brown, Richard L. Brown, Samuel Brown, Vivian E. Browne, Henry Brownlee, Linda Bryant, Starmanda Bullock, Juana Burke, Selma Burke, Eugene Burkes, Viola Burley, Calvin Burnett, John Burr, Margaret Burroughs, Nathaniel Bustion, Sheryle Butler, Elmer Simms Campbell, Thomas Cannon, Nick Canyon, Edward Carr, Art Carraway, Ted Carroll, Joseph S. Carter, William Carter, Catti, George Washington Carver, Yvonne Catchings, Elizabeth Catlett, Mitchell Caton, Dana Chandler, Kitty Chavis, George Clack, Claude Clark, Ed Clark, J. Henrik Clarke, Leroy Clarke, Ladybird Cleveland, Floyd Coleman, Donald Coles, Margaret Collins, Paul Collins, Sam Collins, Dan Concholar, Arthur Coppedge, Wallace X. Conway, Leonard Cooper, William A. Cooper, Art Coppedge, Eldzier Cortor, Samuel Countee, Harold Cousins, William Craft, Cleo Crawford, Marva Cremer, Ernest Crichlow, Allan Crite, Jerrolyn Crooks, Harvey Cropper, Doris Crudup, Robert Crump, Dewey Crumpler, Frank E. Cummings, William Curtis, Mary Reed Daniel, Alonzo Davis, Charles Davis, Willis "Bing" Davis, Dale Davis, Charles C. Dawson, Juette Day, Thomas Day, Roy DeCarava, Paul DeCroom, Avel DeKnight, Beauford Delaney, Joseph Delaney, Richard Dempsey, Murry DePillars, Robert D'Hue, Kenneth Dickerson, Leo Dillon, Raymond Dobard, Vernon Dobard, Jeff Donaldson, Aaron Douglas, Emory Douglas, Robert Douglass, Glanton Dowdell, David Driskell, Yolande Du Bois, Robert Duncanson, Eugenia Dunn, John Dunn, Adolphus Ealey, Eugene Eda, Melvin Edwards, Gaye Elliington, Annette Ensley, Marion Epting, Minnie Evans, Frederick Eversley, James Fairfax, Kenneth Falana, Allen Fannin, John Farrar, William Farrow, Elton Fax, Muriel Feelings, Tom Feelings, Frederick Flemister, Mikelle Fletcher, Curt Flood, Thomas Floyd, Doyle Foreman, Mozelle Forte (costume and fabric designer), Amos Fortune, Mrs.

Foster, Inez Fourcard (as Fourchard), John Francis, Miriam Francis, Allan Freelon, Meta Warrick Fuller, Stephany Fuller, Gale Fulton-Ross, Ibibio Fundi, Alice Gafford, Otis Galbreath, West Gale, Reginald Gammon, Jim Gary, Herbert Gentry, Joseph Geran, Jimmy Gibbez, Sam Gilliam, Robert Glover, Manuel Gomez, Russell Gordon, Rex Goreleigh, Bernard Goss, Samuel Green, William Green, Donald Greene, Joseph Grey, Ron Griffin, Eugene Grigsby, Henry Gudgell, Charles Haines, Clifford Hall, Horathel Hall, Wesley Hall, David Hammons, James Hampton, Phillip Hampton, Lorraine Hansberry, Marvin Harden, Arthur Hardie, Inge Hardison, John Hardrick, Edwin Harleston, William A. Harper, Gilbert Harris, John Harris, Maren Hassinger, Isaac Hathaway, Frank Hayden, Kitty Hayden, Palmer Hayden, Vertis Hayes, Wilbur Haynie, Dion Henderson, Ernest Herbert, Leon Hicks, Hector Hill, Tony Hill, Geoffrey Holder, Al Hollingsworth, Varnette Honeywood, Earl Hooks, Humbert Howard, James Howard, Raymond Howell, Julien Hudson, Manuel Hughes, Margo Humphrey, Thomas Hunster, Richard Hunt, Clementine Hunter, Norman Hunter, Orville Hurt, Bill Hutson, Nell Ingram, Tanya Izanhour, Ambrose Jackson, Earl Jackson, May Jackson, Nigel Jackson, Suzanne Jackson, Walter Jackson, Louise Jefferson, Ted Joans, Daniel Johnson, Lester L. Malvin Gray Johnson, Marie Johnson, Sargent Johnson, William H. Johnson, Joshua Johnston, Barbara Jones, Ben Jones, Calvin Jones, Frederick D.

James Arlington Jones, Lawrence Jones, Lois Mailou Jones, Eddie Jack Jordan, Ronald Joseph, Lemuel Joyner, Paul Keene, Elyse J. Kennart, Joseph Kersey, Gwendolyn Knight, Lawrence Compton Kolawole, Oliver LaGrone, Artis Lane, Doyle Lane, Raymond Lark, Lewis H. Latimer, Jacob Lawrence, Clarence Lawson, Bertina Lee, Joanna Lee, Peter Lee, Hughie Lee-Smith, Leon Leonard, Curtis Lewis, Edmonia Lewis, James Edward Lewis, Norman Lewis, Samella Lewis, Charles Lilly, Henri Linton, Jules Lion, Romeyn Lippman, Tom Lloyd, Jon Lockard, Juan Logan, Willie Longshore, Ed Loper, Ed Love, Al Loving, Geraldine McCullough, Lawrence McGaugh, Charles McGee, Donald McIlvaine, James McMillan, William McNeil, Lloyd McNeill, David Mann, William Marshall, Helen Mason, Philip Mason, Winifred Mason, Calvin Massey, Lester (Nathan) Mathews, William Maxwell, Richard Mayhew, Valerie Maynard, Yvonne Meo, Sam Middleton, Onnie Millar, Aaron Miller, Eva Miller, Lev Mills, P'lla Mills, Evangeline J. Montgomery, Arthur Monroe, Frank Moore, Ron Moore, Scipio Moorhead, Norma Morgan, Ken Morris, Calvin Morrison, Jimmie Mosely, Leo Moss, Lottie Moss, Archibald Motley, Hugh Mulzac, Frank Neal, George Neal, Otto Neals, Shirley Nero, Effie Newsome, Nommo, George Norman, Georg Olden, Ademola Olugebefola, Conora O'Neal (fashion designer), Cora O'Neal, Lula O'Neal, Pearl O'Neal, Ron O'Neal, Hayward Oubré, John Outterbridge, Carl Owens, Lorenzo Pace, Alvin Paige, Robert Paige, William Pajaud, Denise Palm, Norman Parish, Jules Parker, James Parks, Edgar Patience, Angela Perkins, Marion Perkins, Michael Perry, Jacqueline Peters, Douglas Phillips, Harper Phillips, Delilah Pierce, Howardena Pindell, Horace Pippin, Julie Ponceau, James Porter, Leslie Price, Ramon Price, Nelson Primus, Nancy Prophet, Noah Purifoy, Teodoro Ramos Blanco y Penita, Otis Rathel, Patrick Reason, William Reid, John Rhoden, Barbara Chase-Riboud, William Richmond, Percy Ricks, Gary Rickson, John Riddle, Gregory Ridley, Faith Ringgold, Malkia Roberts, Brenda Rogers, Charles Rogers, George Rogers, Arthur Rose, Nancy Rowland, Winfred Russell, Mahler Ryder, Betye Saar, Charles Sallee, Marion Sampler, John Sanders, Walter Sanford, Raymond Saunders, Augusta Savage, William E.

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Note the 3rd edition consists of two volumes published by Gale Research in 1980, with a third supplemental volume issued in 1985. Large stout 4tos, red cloth. An index to Black American artists.

Also includes art historians such as Henri Ghent. In this database, only artists are cross-referenced. The Black Artist in America: An Index to Reproductions. Includes: index to Black artists, bibliography including doctoral dissertations and audiovisual materials.

Many of the dozens of spelling errors and incomplete names have been corrected in this entry and names of known white artists omitted from our entry, but errors may still exist in this entry, so beware: Jesse Aaron, Charles Abramson, Maria Adair, Lauren Adam, Ovid P. Adams, Ron Adams, Terry Adkins, (Jonathan) Ta Coumba T. Aiken, Jacques Akins, Lawrence E. Alexander, Tina Allen, Pauline Alley-Barnes, Charles Alston, Frank Alston, Charlotte Amevor, Emma Amos (Levine), Allie Anderson, Benny Andrews, Edmund Minor Archer, Pastor Argudin y Pedroso as Y.

Pedroso Argudin, Anna Arnold, Ralph Arnold, William Artis, Kwasi Seitu Asante [as Kwai Seitu Asantey], Steve Ashby, Rose Auld, Ellsworth Ausby, Henry Avery, Charles Axt, Roland Ayers, Annabelle Bacot, Calvin Bailey, Herman Kofi Bailey, Malcolm Bailey, Annabelle Baker, E. Loretta Ballard, Jene Ballentine, Casper Banjo, Bill Banks, Ellen Banks, John W. Banks, Henry Bannarn, Edward Bannister, Curtis R.

Barnes, Ernie Barnes, James MacDonald Barnsley, Richmond Barthé, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Daniel Carter Beard, Romare Bearden, Phoebe Beasley, Falcon Beazer, Arthello Beck, Sherman Beck, Cleveland Bellow, Gwendolyn Bennett, Herbert Bennett, Ed Bereal, Arthur Berry, Devoice Berry, Ben Bey, John Biggers, Camille Billops, Willie Birch, Eloise Bishop, Robert Blackburn, Tarleton Blackwell, Lamont K. Bland, Betty Blayton, Gloria Bohanon, Hawkins Bolden, Leslie Bolling, Shirley Bolton, Higgins Bond, Erma Booker, Michael Borders, Ronald Boutte, Siras Bowens, Lynn Bowers, Frank Bowling, David Bustill Bowser, David Patterson Boyd, David Bradford, Harold Bradford, Peter Bradley, Fred Bragg, Winston Branch, Brumsic Brandon, James Brantley, William Braxton, Bruce Brice, Arthur Britt, James Britton, Sylvester Britton, Moe Brooker, Bernard Brooks, Mable Brooks, Oraston Brooks-el, David Scott Brown, Elmer Brown, Fred Brown, Frederick Brown, Grafton Brown, James Andrew Brown, Joshua Brown, Kay Brown, Marvin Brown, Richard Brown, Samuel Brown, Vivian Browne, Henry Brownlee, Beverly Buchanan, Selma Burke, Arlene Burke-Morgan, Calvin Burnett, Margaret Burroughs, Cecil Burton, Charles Burwell, Nathaniel Bustion, David Butler, Carole Byard, Albert Byrd, Walter Cade, Joyce Cadoo, Bernard Cameron, Simms Campbell, Frederick Campbell, Thomas Cannon (as Canon), Nicholas Canyon, John Carlis, Arthur Carraway, Albert Carter, Allen Carter, George Carter, Grant Carter, Ivy Carter, Keithen Carter, Robert Carter, William Carter, Yvonne Carter, George Washington Carver, Bernard Casey, Yvonne Catchings, Elizabeth Catlett, Frances Catlett, Mitchell Caton, Catti, Charlotte Chambless, Dana Chandler, John Chandler, Robin Chandler, Barbara Chase-Riboud, Kitty Chavis, Edward Christmas, Petra Cintron, George Clack, Claude Clark Sr. Claude Lockhart Clark, Edward Clark, Irene Clark, LeRoy Clarke, Pauline Clay, Denise Cobb, Gylbert Coker, Marion Elizabeth Cole, Archie Coleman, Floyd Coleman, Donald Coles, Robert Colescott, Carolyn Collins, Paul Collins, Richard Collins, Samuel Collins, Don Concholar, Wallace Conway, Houston Conwill, William A.

Cooper, Arthur Coppedge, Jean Cornwell, Eldzier Cortor, Samuel Countee, Harold Cousins, Cleo Crawford, Marva Cremer, Ernest Crichlow, Norma Criss, Allan Rohan Crite, Harvey Cropper, Geraldine Crossland, Rushie Croxton, Doris Crudup, Dewey Crumpler, Emilio Cruz, Charles Cullen (White artist), Vince Cullers, Michael Cummings, Urania Cummings, DeVon Cunningham, Samuel Curtis, William Curtis, Artis Dameron, Mary Reed Daniel, Aaron Darling, Alonzo Davis, Bing Davis, Charles Davis, Dale Davis, Rachel Davis, Theresa Davis, Ulysses Davis, Walter Lewis Davis, Charles C. Davis, William Dawson, Juette Day, Roy DeCarava, Avel DeKnight, Beauford Delaney, Joseph Delaney, Nadine Delawrence, Louis Delsarte, Richard Dempsey, J. Brooks Dendy, III (as Brooks Dendy), James Denmark, Murry DePillars, Joseph DeVillis, Robert D'Hue, Kenneth Dickerson, Voris Dickerson, Charles Dickson, Frank Dillon, Leo Dillon, Robert Dilworth, James Donaldson, Jeff Donaldson, Lillian Dorsey, William Dorsey, Aaron Douglas, Emory Douglas, Calvin Douglass, Glanton Dowdell, John Dowell, Sam Doyle, David Driskell, Ulric S. Dunbar, Robert Duncanson, Eugenia Dunn, John Morris Dunn, Edward Dwight, Adolphus Ealey, Lawrence Edelin, William Edmondson, Anthony Edwards, Melvin Edwards, Eugene Eda [as Edy], John Elder, Maurice Ellison, Walter Ellison, Mae Engron, Annette Easley, Marion Epting, Melvyn Ettrick (as Melvin), Clifford Eubanks, Minnie Evans, Darrell Evers, Frederick Eversley, Cyril Fabio, James Fairfax, Kenneth Falana, Josephus Farmer, John Farrar, William Farrow, Malaika Favorite, Elton Fax, Tom Feelings, Claude Ferguson, Violet Fields, Lawrence Fisher, Thomas Flanagan, Walter Flax, Frederick Flemister, Mikelle Fletcher, Curt Flood, Batunde Folayemi, George Ford, Doyle Foreman, Leroy Foster, Walker Foster, John Francis, Richard Franklin, Ernest Frazier, Allan Freelon, Gloria Freeman, Pam Friday, John Fudge, Meta Fuller, Ibibio Fundi, Ramon Gabriel, Alice Gafford, West Gale, George Gamble, Reginald Gammon, Christine Gant, Jim Gary, Adolphus Garrett, Leroy Gaskin, Lamerol A. Gatewood, Herbert Gentry, Joseph Geran, Ezekiel Gibbs, William Giles, Sam Gilliam, Robert Glover, William Golding, Paul Goodnight, Erma Gordon, L.

Gordon, Robert Gordon, Russell Gordon, Rex Goreleigh, Bernard Goss, Joe Grant, Oscar Graves, Todd Gray, Annabelle Green, James Green, Jonathan Green, Robert Green, Donald Greene, Michael Greene, Joseph Grey, Charles Ron Griffin, Eugene Grigsby, Raymond Grist, Michael Gude, Ethel Guest, John Hailstalk, Charles Haines, Horathel Hall, Karl Hall, Wesley Hall, Edward Hamilton, Eva Hamlin-Miller, David Hammons, James Hampton, Phillip Hampton, Marvin Harden, Inge Hardison, John Hardrick, Edwin Harleston, William Harper, Hugh Harrell, Oliver Harrington, Gilbert Harris, Hollon Harris, John Harris, Scotland J. Harris, Warren Harris, Bessie Harvey, Maren Hassinger, Cynthia Hawkins (as Thelma), William Hawkins, Frank Hayden, Kitty Hayden, Palmer Hayden, William Hayden, Vertis Hayes, Anthony Haynes, Wilbur Haynie, Benjamin Hazard, June Hector, Dion Henderson, Napoleon Jones-Henderson, William Henderson, Barkley Hendricks, Gregory A. Henry, Robert Henry, Ernest Herbert, James Herring, Mark Hewitt, Leon Hicks, Renalda Higgins, Hector Hill, Felrath Hines, Alfred Hinton, Tim Hinton, Adrienne Hoard, Irwin Hoffman, Raymond Holbert, Geoffrey Holder, Robin Holder, Lonnie Holley, Alvin Hollingsworth, Eddie Holmes, Varnette Honeywood, Earl J. Hooks, Ray Horner, Paul Houzell, Helena Howard, Humbert Howard, John Howard, Mildred Howard, Raymond Howell, William Howell, Calvin Hubbard, Henry Hudson, Julien Hudson, James Huff, Manuel Hughes, Margo Humphrey, Raymond Hunt, Richard Hunt, Clementine Hunter, Elliott Hunter, Arnold Hurley, Bill Hutson, Zell Ingram, Sue Irons, A.

Jackson, Gerald Jackson, Harlan Jackson, Hiram Jackson, May Jackson, Oliver Jackson, Robert Jackson, Suzanne Jackson, Walter Jackson, Martha Jackson-Jarvis, Bob James, Wadsworth Jarrell, Jasmin Joseph [as Joseph Jasmin], Archie Jefferson, Rosalind Jeffries, Noah Jemison, Barbara Fudge Jenkins, Florian Jenkins, Chester Jennings, Venola Jennings, Wilmer Jennings, Georgia Jessup, Johana, Daniel Johnson, Edith Johnson, Harvey Johnson, Herbert Johnson, Jeanne Johnson, Malvin Gray Johnson, Marie Johnson-Calloway, Milton Derr (as Milton Johnson), Sargent Johnson, William H. Johnson, Joshua Johnston, Ben Jones, Calvin Jones, Dorcas Jones, Frank A. (as Frederic Jones), Henry B. Jones, Johnny Jones, Lawrence Arthur Jones, Leon Jones, Lois Mailou Jones, Nathan Jones, Tonnie Jones, Napoleon Jones-Henderson, Barbara Jones-Hogu, Jack Jordan, Cliff Joseph, Ronald Joseph, Lemuel Joyner, Edward Judie, Michael Kabu, Arthur Kaufman, Charles Keck, Paul Keene, John Kendrick, Harriet Kennedy, Leon Kennedy, Joseph Kersey; Virginia Kiah, Henri King, James King, Gwendolyn Knight, Robert Knight, Lawrence Kolawole, Brenda Lacy, (Laura) Jean Lacy, Roy LaGrone, Artis Lane, Doyle Lane, Raymond Lark, Carolyn Lawrence, Jacob Lawrence, James Lawrence, Clarence Lawson, Louis LeBlanc, James Lee, Hughie Lee-Smith, Lizetta LeFalle-Collins, Leon Leonard, Bruce LeVert, Edmonia Lewis, Edwin E. Lewis, Flora Lewis, James E. Lewis, Norman Lewis, Roy Lewis, Samella Lewis, Elba Lightfoot, Charles Lilly [as Lily], Arturo Lindsay, Henry Linton, Jules Lion, James Little, Marcia Lloyd, Tom Lloyd, Jon Lockard, Donald Locke, Lionel Lofton, Juan Logan, Bert Long, Willie Longshore, Edward Loper, Francisco Lord, Jesse Lott, Edward Love, Nina Lovelace, Whitfield Lovell, Alvin Loving, Ramon Loy, William Luckett, John Lutz, Don McAllister, Theadius McCall, Dindga McCannon, Edward McCluney, Jesse McCowan, Sam McCrary, Geraldine McCullough, Lawrence McGaugh, Charles McGee, Donald McIlvaine, Karl McIntosh, Joseph Mack, Edward McKay, Thomas McKinney, Alexander McMath, Robert McMillon, William McNeil, Lloyd McNeill, Clarence Major, William Majors, David Mann, Ulysses Marshall, Phillip Lindsay Mason, Lester Mathews, Sharon Matthews, William (Bill) Maxwell, Gordon Mayes, Marietta Mayes, Richard Mayhew, Valerie Maynard, Victoria Meek, Leon Meeks, Yvonne Meo, Helga Meyer, Gaston Micheaux, Charles Mickens, Samuel Middleton, Onnie Millar, Aaron Miller, Algernon Miller, Don Miller, Earl Miller, Eva Hamlin Miller, Guy Miller, Julia Miller, Charles Milles, Armsted Mills, Edward Mills, Lev Mills, Priscilla Mills (P'lla), Carol Mitchell, Corinne Mitchell, Tyrone Mitchell, Arthur Monroe, Elizabeth Montgomery, Ronald Moody, Ted Moody, Frank Moore, Ron Moore, Sabra Moore, Theophilus Moore, William Moore, Leedell Moorehead, Scipio Moorhead, Clarence Morgan, Norma Morgan, Sister Gertrude Morgan, Patricia Morris, Keith Morrison, Lee Jack Morton, Jimmie Mosely, David Mosley, Lottie Moss, Archibald Motley, Hugh Mulzac, Betty Murchison, J. Murry, Teixera Nash, Inez Nathaniel, Frank Neal, George Neal, Jerome Neal, Robert Neal, Otto Neals, Robert Newsome, James Newton, Rochelle Nicholas, John Nichols, Isaac Nommo, Oliver Nowlin, Trudell Obey, Constance Okwumabua, Osira Olatunde, Kermit Oliver, Yaounde Olu, Ademola Olugebefola, Mary O'Neal, Haywood Oubré, Simon Outlaw, John Outterbridge, Joseph Overstreet, Carl Owens, Winnie Owens-Hart, Lorenzo Pace, William Pajaud, Denise Palm, James Pappas, Christopher Parks, James Parks, Louise Parks, Vera Parks, Oliver Parson, James Pate, Edgar Patience, John Payne, Leslie Payne, Sandra Peck, Alberto Pena, Angela Perkins, Marion Perkins, Michael Perry, Bertrand Phillips, Charles James Phillips, Harper Phillips, Ted Phillips, Delilah Pierce, Elijah Pierce, Harold Pierce, Anderson Pigatt, Stanley Pinckney, Howardena Pindell, Elliott Pinkney, Jerry Pinkney, Robert Pious, Adrian Piper, Horace Pippin, Betty Pitts, Stephanie Pogue, Naomi Polk, Charles Porter, James Porter, Georgette Powell, Judson Powell, Richard Powell, Daniel Pressley, Leslie Price, Ramon Price, Nelson Primus, Arnold Prince, E. Proctor, Nancy Prophet, Ronnie Prosser, William Pryor, Noah Purifoy, Florence Purviance, Martin Puryear, Mavis Pusey, Teodoro Ramos Blanco y Penita, Helen Ramsaran, Joseph Randolph; Thomas Range, Frank Rawlings, Jennifer Ray, Maxine Raysor, Patrick Reason, Roscoe Reddix, Junius Redwood, James Reed, Jerry Reed, Donald Reid, O. Richard Reid, Robert Reid, Leon Renfro, John Rhoden, Ben Richardson, Earle Richardson, Enid Richardson, Gary Rickson, John Riddle, Gregory Ridley, Faith Ringgold, Haywood Rivers, Arthur Roach, Malkia Roberts, Royal Robertson, Aminah Robinson, Charles Robinson, John N. Robinson, Brenda Rogers, Charles Rogers, Herbert Rogers, Juanita Rogers, Sultan Rogers, Bernard Rollins, Henry Rollins, Arthur Rose, Charles Ross, James Ross, Nellie Mae Rowe, Sandra Rowe, Nancy Rowland, Winfred Russsell, Mahler Ryder, Alison Saar, Betye Saar, Charles Sallee, JoeSam. Marion Sampler, Bert Samples, Juan Sanchez, Eve Sandler, Walter Sanford, Floyd Sapp, Raymond Saunders, Augusta Savage, Ann Sawyer, Sydney Schenck, Vivian Schuyler Key, John Scott (Johnny), John Tarrell Scott, Joyce Scott, William Scott, Charles Searles, Charles Sebree, Bernard Sepyo, Bennie Settles, Franklin Shands, Frank Sharpe, Christopher Shelton, Milton Sherrill, Thomas Sills, Gloria Simmons, Carroll Simms, Jewell Simon, Walter Simon, Coreen Simpson, Ken Simpson, Merton Simpson, William Simpson, Michael Singletary (as Singletry), Nathaniel Sirles, Margaret Slade (Kelley), Van Slater, Louis Sloan, Albert A. Smith, Alvin Smith, Arenzo Smith, Damballah Dolphus Smith, Floyd Smith, Frank Smith, George Smith, Howard Smith, John Henry Smith, Marvin Smith, Mary T. Smith, Sue Jane Smith, Vincent Smith, William Smith, Zenobia Smith, Rufus Snoddy, Sylvia Snowden, Carroll Sockwell, Ben Solowey, Edgar Sorrells, Georgia Speller, Henry Speller, Shirley Stark, David Stephens, Lewis Stephens, Walter Stephens, Erik Stephenson, Nelson Stevens, Mary Stewart, Renée Stout, Edith Strange, Thelma Streat, Richard Stroud, Dennis Stroy, Charles Suggs, Sharon Sulton, Johnnie Swearingen, Earle Sweeting, Roderick Sykes, Clarence Talley, Ann Tanksley, Henry O. Tanner, James Tanner, Ralph Tate, Carlton Taylor, Cecil Taylor, Janet Taylor Pickett, Lawrence Taylor, William (Bill) Taylor, Herbert Temple, Emerson Terry, Evelyn Terry, Freida Tesfagiorgis, Alma Thomas, Charles Thomas, James "Son Ford" Thomas, Larry Erskine Thomas, Matthew Thomas, Roy Thomas, William Thomas a. Juba Solo, Conrad Thompson, Lovett Thompson, Mildred Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, Bob Thompson, Russ Thompson, Dox Thrash, Mose Tolliver, William Tolliver, Lloyd Toone, John Torres, Elaine Towns, Bill Traylor, Charles Tucker, Clive Tucker, Yvonne Edwards Tucker, Charlene Tull, Donald Turner, Leo Twiggs, Alfred Tyler, Anna Tyler, Barbara Tyson Mosley, Bernard Upshur, Jon Urquhart, Florestee Vance, Ernest Varner, Royce Vaughn, George Victory, Harry Vital, Ruth Waddy, Annie Walker, Charles Walker, Clinton Walker, Earl Walker, Lawrence Walker, Raymond Walker a. Bo Walker, William Walker, Bobby Walls, Daniel Warburg, Eugene Warburg, Denise Ward-Brown, Evelyn Ware, Laura Waring, Masood Ali Warren, Horace Washington, James Washington, Mary Washington, Timothy Washington, Richard Waters, James Watkins, Curtis Watson, Howard Watson, Willard Watson, Richard Waytt, Claude Weaver, Stephanie Weaver, Clifton Webb, Derek Webster, Edward Webster, Albert Wells, James Wells, Roland Welton, Barbara Wesson, Pheoris West, Lamonte Westmoreland, Charles White, Cynthia White, Franklin White, George White, J. Philip White, Jack White (sculptor), Jack White (painter), John Whitmore, Jack Whitten, Garrett Whyte, Benjamin Wigfall, Bertie Wiggs, Deborah Wilkins, Timothy Wilkins, Billy Dee Williams, Chester Williams, Douglas Williams, Frank Williams, George Williams, Gerald Williams, Jerome Williams, Jose Williams, Laura Williams, Matthew Williams, Michael K. Williams, Pat Ward Williams, Randy Williams, Roy Lee Williams, Todd Williams, Walter Williams, William T. Williams, Yvonne Williams, Philemona Williamson, Stan Williamson, Luster Willis, A. Wilson, Edward Wilson, Ellis Wilson, Fred Wilson, George Wilson, Henry Wilson, John Wilson, Stanley C. Wilson, Linda Windle, Eugene Winslow, Vernon Winslow, Cedric Winters, Viola Wood, Hale Woodruff, Roosevelt Woods, Shirley Woodson, Beulah Woodard, Bernard Wright, Dmitri Wright, Estella Viola Wright, George Wright, Richard Wyatt, Frank Wyley, Richard Yarde, James Yeargans, Joseph Yoakum, Bernard Young, Charles Young, Clarence Young, Kenneth Young, Milton Young. National Museum of American Art. Free Within Ourselves: African-American Artists in the Collection of the National Museum of American Art. 90 in excellent color, bibliog. List of works, checklist of 105 artists represented in National Museum of American Art.

Curated and text by Regenia A. 32 artists discussed: Edward Mitchell Bannister, Romare Bearden, John Biggers, Frederick J.

Brown, Elizabeth Catlett, Allan Rohan Crite, Beauford Delaney, Robert S. Duncanson, William Edmondson, Minnie Evans, Sam Gilliam, James Hampton, Palmer Hayden, Richard Hunt, Joshua Johnson, Sargent Johnson, William H. Johnson, Frank Jones, Lois Mailou Jones, Jacob Lawrence, Edmonia Lewis, Sister Gertrude Morgan, Keith Morrison, Marilyn Nance, James A. Porter, Augusta Savage, Henry Ossawa Tanner, Alma Thomas, Bob Thompson, Bill Traylor, Hale Woodruff, and Joseph Yoakum. Other artists mentioned as part of the collection, but not featured: Leroy Almon, Emma Amos, Benny Andrews, Steve Ashby, Ed Bereal, Wendell T.

Brooks, Samuel Joseph Brown, Vivian E. Browne, Richard Burnside, Claude Clark, Houston Conwill, Eldzier Cortor, Emilio Cruz, William Dawson, Hilliard Dean, Roy DeCarava, Joseph Delaney, Richard Dempsey, Arthur "Pete" Dilbert, John Edward Dowell, Jr.

Melvin Edwards, Frederick Eversley, Josephus Farmer, Walter Flax, Roland L. Freeman, Herbert Gentry, William Hawkins, Felrath Hines, Lonnie Holley, Margo Humphrey, Mr. Imagination, Keith Jenkins, Malvin Gray Johnson, Larry Francis Lebby, Norman Lewis, Ed Loper, Richard Mayhew, Eric Calvin McDonald, Lloyd McNeill, Robert McNeill, Inez Nathaniel-Walker, Joseph Norman, Leslie Payne, Elijah Pierce, Howardena Pindell, Michael Platt, Earle Richardson, John N. Robinson, Nellie Mae Rowe, Charles Sallee Charles Searles, Charles Sebree, Frank Smith, Edgar Sorrells-Adewale, Henry Speller, Raymond Steth, Lou Stovall, Jimmie Lee Sudduth, Mildred Thompson, Dox Thrash, Mose Tolliver, Laura Wheeler Waring, James W. Webster, James Lesesne Wells, Charles White, Franklin A.

Ellis Wilson, Richard Yarde, Kenneth Young. Traveled to: Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT; IBM Gallery of Science and Art, New York, NY; Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA; Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis, TN; The Columbus Museum, Columbus, GA. Small 4to, cloth, dust jacket. Smithsonian Museum of American Art.

African American Masters: Highlights from the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Includes: Richmond Barthé, Romare Bearden, John T. Biggers, Allan Rohan Crite, Roy DeCarava, Beauford Delaney, Melvin Edwards, Roland Freeman, Sam Gilliam, Russell T. Gordon, Sargent Johnson, William H.

Johnson, Lois Mailou Jones, Norman Lewis, Whitfield Lovell, Robert McNeill, Gordon Parks, Horace Pippin, James Porter, Betye Saar, Renée Stout, Henry Ossawa Tanner, Alma Thomas, James Vanderzee, Hale Woodruff, Purvis Young, et al. Traveled to: New-York Historical Society, April 1-June 1, 2003, Cheekwood Museum of Art, Nashville, TN, June 28-September 7, 2003, Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, Jacksonville, FL, October 2-November 30, 2003, Cincinnati Art Museum, January 8-March 7, 2004, Currier Museum of Art, Manchester, NH, April 3-June 7, 2004, Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, DE, July 2-September 5, Long Beach Museum of Art, October 3-November 28, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Salt Lake City, UT, January 8-February 28, 2005, Spelman College Museum of Fine Arts, Atlanta, GA, March 24-May 13, 2005. [1] He moved to Montreal in 1973 where he was a visiting professor then faculty member at Concordia University until he retired in 1998.

Gordon was born in Philadelphia in 1936. He received a BFA from Temple University in 1962, an MS from the University of Wisconsin in 1966 and an MFA from University of Wisconsin in 1967. As Gordon began his college career, he planned to study math while playing basketball on scholarship, but eventually changed his major to art before graduation. [2] Gordon did play basketball professionally for a short time before focusing on his art career. Gordon had numerous positions in academia and institutes including as Assistant Professor at University of California-Berkeley (1969-70), Associate Professor at Mills College in Oakland, CA (1974-75), Associate Professor at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada (1975-98), Visiting Lecturer at the San Francisco Art Institute (1969-70), and positions at University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Canada (1984), Lakeside Studio, Michigan (1986, 1988) East Carolina University, North Carolina (1989).

Gordon's work is represented in a wide variety of museums and personal collections. He has pieces at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, [3] the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, [4] and the Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University. Gordon himself explains how he creates art and his art life as an artist and an art teacher and how to understand his work and elements that should be considered when watching his works.

Each work of his has juxtaposition and synthesis, which are the modus operandi through which the artist shifts. He also Russell rejects "ism" and the culture of a lot of art making.

He insists that it is essential to develop a capacity to make use of variety; and to understand that one can make use of the value of expression through contradiction or difference. He has been busy with this process for most of his life; it is how he comes to be who he is. He believes that images, like words, are in themselves meaningless and are resurrected in context. And abstract images are redefined in new settings and media, thereby changing their significance and at the same time, reminding us of their meaning in other situations. There is the additional layer of achievement: not of mere social climbing or vain self-satisfaction, but of searching for and attaining human success which serves as evidence of a man's ability to shape his own destiny and achieve his own ends.

A strong Nieteschean pulse marks the levels of achievement attained by Gordon, from his initial obtention of a university diploma - to his family's largely uncaring surprise - to his position of program director in a major university art department. Russell Gordon's works point out the paradox of a contemporary painter using a language which is lush in detail, rich in color and prodigal in its use of shapes and forms, in order to speak to a viewing public more familiar with decoding messages from simpler, more ascetic or pared-down visual clues. The baroque figures and signs or Russell Gordon come as a bit of a jolt at a time when less is supposed to be more. Gordon's work takes on a Hegelian dimension when it transposes the results of an exploration of phenomena, namely those thing which present themselves to our consciousness, into a distillation of the absolute, logical, ontological and metaphysical spirit which underlies those phenomena, which in turn determine knowledge of life's essence. Maurice Forget further says that the essence of Gordon's works are the organization of the pictorial space, the invention of shapes and the contrasts, conflicts, allusions, allegories and patterns which emerge from the sometimes disparate elements placed in juxtaposition. There is a celebratory current in Gordon's art.

Gordon's work reflects his own social, intellectual and moral development as a man over that time, with all of his characteristics-most notably being an American black man-he searches for those universal truths which best express his own perspective on humanity. The phenomena absorbed by him-and the resulting metaphors susceptible of being followed in his work-reflect with a certain linearity the events in the artist's own life. In breaking the bonds which tied him to the poorest parts of Philadelphia, to a city which had no understanding, let alone respect, for the activities of the intellect or the beauties of art, and to an American society in its most conservative pre-Kennedy mode, Gordon has sought and achieved in his art a freedom originating with redemption from the cliches of race and social standing, working towards a luminous vision of human life. 1975 - McDowell Fellowship, New Hampshire. 1981 - National Endowment for the Arts grant recipient.

1986 - Award of Excellence from The Museum of Science and Industry. 1985 Masks with Robert Holland Murray, Maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges, Montreal[6][7]. American-born painter and art teacher Russell T. Gordon died at home in Montreal in early November 2013, of cancer. He was 77 years old.

Gordon was born in 1936, in Philadelphia, PA, where he received his early training (BFA) at Temple University with a basketball scholarship; he later took a double Master's Degree (Arts and Fine Arts) at the University of Wisconsin. His initial employment as a fine arts instructor was at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, followed by a teaching engagement at the University of California at Berkeley. In 1973 he first came to Montreal as a visiting professor to Sir George Williams (now Concordia) University, where he joined the faculty the following year and remained for almost 25 years until his retirement in 1998.

Throughout his career, Russell Gordon never ceased painting; his works have been widely shown, and can be found in several prominent museum and corporate collections in both the USA and Canada. He was also much sought after as a visiting artist, speaker and jury member, and received bursaries and grants from many sources, including the Carnegie Foundation for his work with inner city youth and the Rockefeller Foundation, for a residency at Bellagio (Italy) in 2006. He will be warmly remembered by many colleagues, students and friends.

His ashes will be buried at Stonington, ME, where he found both peace and inspiration. This item is in the category "Art\Art Prints". The seller is "memorabilia111" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Estonia, Australia, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia, Japan, Sweden, Korea, South, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Africa, Thailand, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Bahamas, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Norway, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Croatia, Republic of, Malaysia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Barbados, Bangladesh, Bermuda, Brunei Darussalam, Bolivia, Ecuador, Egypt, French Guiana, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, Iceland, Jersey, Jordan, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Liechtenstein, Sri Lanka, Luxembourg, Monaco, Macau, Martinique, Maldives, Nicaragua, Oman, Peru, Pakistan, Paraguay, Reunion, Vietnam, Uruguay.

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Pop Art African American Artist Lithograph Russell T. Gordon Signed Hot Dog